Parish Directory

General Parish Office E-Mail: Contact Us Email 561-622-2565
Very Reverend Thomas E. Barrett Rector 561-622-2565
Fr. J.  Scott Adams Parochial Vicar Email  561-622-2565
Rosemarie Gondek Pastoral Assistant Email  561-622-2565
Barbara Puglisi Finance Department Email 561-622-2565
Jeanne Hogan Bulletin Editor & Pastoral Assistant Email 561-622-2565
Mark Aitken Maintenance Coordinator Email 561-622-2565
Deacon John Beaudoin Facility Manager & Liturgical Coordinator Email 561-622-2565
Rosario Cires Parish Gift Shop Email 561-622-2565
All Saints Catholic School: 561-748-8994
Patty Rabideau School Liaison Email  561-622-2565
Religious Education:
Dee Aitken Director of Religious Education & Youth Ministry Email 561-622-2565
Social Action Ministries Coordinator:
Deacon Miguel Muñoz Parish Social Ministries/Food Pantry/Bereavement Email 561-627-7478
Worship Ministries:
Dee Aitken Altar Servers Email 561-622-2565
Patty Rabideau Altar Linens/Children’s Liturgy Email
Tom Wilcoxson Director of Music Ministries Email 561-622-2565
Bettina Fiessinger Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Email 561-844-2522
Ken Kelly Lectors 561-626-0235
Glen Aitken Lifeteen Music Ministry Email 561-622-2565
Michelle Borro Ministry for the Deaf Email 561-622-2565
Tom & Sue Melillo Head Ushers Email 561-622-0855
Prayer Ministries:
Prayer Line Parish Social Ministries 561-627-7478
Loly Albayeros Legion of Mary 561-248-1798
Amanda Izaguirre Agua Viva 561-745-4482
Don and Carol Bal Respect Life & Contemplative Prayer 561-694-8953
Jim Fabyan Society of the Blessed Sacrament/Divine Mercy Email 561-691-1775
Ministries for Women:
Quirina Garcia Damas Católicas en Acción 561-301-2537
Gloria Stevenson Women’s Guild 561-622-6240
Ministries for Men:
David Zanotelli Catholic Men’s Fellowship Email 561-622-2812
Jim Twist 561-775-9409
James Rabideau Knights of Columbus 561-248-4098